High Energy Bishop for Hobart

On Friday night Sydney time, Pope Francis announced the appointment of Bishop Julian Porteous as the new Archbishop of Hobart. Sydney will mourn the loss of this dynamic auxiliary bishop and the prayerfulness, energy and humility he brought to his work, but what can the people of Tasmania look forward to?

As Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation and Renewal, Bishop Porteous was known in the Archdiocese of Sydney for his ability to motivate and unite Catholics in initiatives of the New Evangelisation; rediscovering the richness of the Catholic faith heritage and inspiring a more personal and deliberate living and sharing of it. In fact it is no understatement to say that this understanding of the New Evangelisation is the foundation of Bishop Porteous’ personal and pastoral outlook.

What else can Tasmanians expect from Bishop Porteous? He is known for his guidance of, and strong support, for formative and faith-building youth events. His understanding of new lay and religious faith movements in the Church have made him a tremendous supporter and confidante of those involved in lay movements and endeavours. He is known for his pastoral nature and his gentle and humorous approach. He is “hands-on”, a catalyst for new initiatives, hard-working and remains positive in the face of challenges. In the midst of his extremely busy Sydney schedule he made time to author numerous books and has been called on to speak in many parts of the world; most recently in Wellington, France, Brazil, Borneo and India.

Most importantly Bishop Porteous is known for walking the walk. He is faithful and prayerful; providing a living example to his flock of what it means to follow Jesus Christ and place all his talents at the disposal of the Church. Note these words from his open letter to the Catholics of Tasmania:

As Archbishop I embrace the call of Blessed John Paul II at the turn of the millennium to “start afresh from Christ”. I invite you to join me in the time ahead to seek a deeper relationship with Christ that he may shape our thoughts, words and actions. Christ is our sure foundation and the hope that inspires us to embrace and live our Catholic faith to the full. In and through Christ the Catholic faith is our treasure and our joy

Bishop Porteous is no slouch! Even on his rare holidays his passion is multi-day bushwalks.  No doubt he will welcome his appointment to the Archdiocese of Hobart and will come ready to work. Tasmanians can expect him to throw himself into the job…boots and all!

Cathy Kennedy (Catholic Talk - Contributor)

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