Top 10 reasons to walk the talk

“To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.”

Mother Teresa

What we do and how we live says more about us than words ever can. Being Catholic requires you to walk the talk and through our lives express what we believe. Here are 10 reasons to become more actively involved in your Catholic Church...

  1. Our life is not an accident
    We ALL matter. We were created unique to share in God’s love for eternity. Our laughter and joy, our sadness and our pain, make up the Church. Practising our Catholic faith helps us recognise the good gifts we have been given and the profound love that God has for each person. 
  2. Spiritual health matters
    Life can be hectic. Busyness does not necessarily equal purpose. What’s my life about? Where am I going?  The regular practise of our faith helps connect us with our meaning, helps us grow in love and generosity and prepares us for the unexpected challenges and sufferings that we are sure to face. 
  3. Forgiveness is possible
    Your local parish is open to all who seek God’s help. Jesus Christ offers us forgiveness without limit.  Guilt from our past wrongdoings can affect our wellbeing and our relationships today. Don’t let your past mistakes or the failings of others stop you from seeking the strength that comes only from God.
  4. We encounter Christ
    The sacraments are a means to receive God’s love and to encounter Christ. Jesus became human and lived among us 2000 years ago. Today he comes to us in the sacraments and offers grace, healing and strength to continue our journey.
  5. We need time and space to connect with God
    Mass is an opportunity to slow down, listen closely to what God is saying to us, and encounter Christ. The Mass is not theatrical, but it is the central drama of our faith that has been re-enacted for over 2000 years. For millions of people all over the world, the Mass continues to be a source of strength and peace.
  6. We can make a difference
    Being active in your Catholic Church gives us an opportunity to find new purpose in life, ways we can get involved in the community and help others. Many of the good things we enjoy today in Australia were built by people driven by faith and love. We need the faith and example of women and men who put their gifts and talents at the service of others.
  7. We don’t have to travel alone
    There is room for each one of us – with all our differences – within the Catholic – worldwide - faith. We belong to one another, we support each other, we are united in Jesus.  When my faith is failing, the example and courage of another inspires me to continue.  When facing difficulty, sadness and loneliness it is worth remembering Jesus is ready to walk with you.
  8. Family matters
    In our families we receive and give love, and we also find joy and grief, hope and frustration, peace and conflict.  We all want what is best for our families. By anchoring them in faith and prayer we openly embrace God’s grace and forgiveness. 
  9. Life can be challenging
    Life is difficult and sometimes out of our control. Our health fails us, a friend faces tragedy, someone lets us down, we mourn the loss of a loved one. Christ meets us where we are, embraces us and holds us close when the going gets tough, and helps us find the way forward, even and most especially, on that last day when we find the way home.
  10. We can get too comfortable
    Being Catholic is not always easy. Our faith can be inconvenient; can challenge our drift towards a self-centred life. Catholics are challenged to stand up against injustice and at times to support unpopular principles of human dignity. Practising your Catholic faith can help you to grow in your awareness of the needs of those around you, especially those that are the most vulnerable.  
Monday, 22 April 2013 01:02