Our story is rooted in the great Jewish faith. God called on a young Israelite woman to help give the world the example of love through her son Jesus Christ.   

Despite Mary’s awareness of her nothingness before God, she was rich in faith and trusted without counting the cost.

The Catholic faithful believe that God is not an estranged distant being, but rather that he became human giving himself to us as a   walking, talking, feeling, fearing, and loving man - Jesus.

His name has echoed throughout history, men and women have followed him throughout the centuries. He offers us healing and makes the invitation to walk with him today just as he did for so many during his life. 

With Christ as our founder, men and women began to build a new community.

Many associate the Catholic Church with Rome, where our spiritual leader lives, the elected successors of St Peter the first Pope. Rome is the home of many sacred and treasured places for Catholics

Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. 

Today, we live with profound sorrow and heartache for the abuse we know has taken place and the past mishandling of these abuses.

The Catholic faith is a lifelong journey, a struggle and a joy. Dramatic change can happen for some, but for many being part of the Catholic faith community helps sustain our faith and enables it to grow over time. 

We sometimes turn away, but God calls us back.

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