The world changed forever

“I find the name of Jesus Christ written on the top of every page of modern history.”

George Bancroft (Historian)

The world changed foreverThe Catholic faithful believe that God is not an estranged distant being, but rather that he became human giving himself to us as a   walking, talking, feeling, fearing, and loving man - Jesus. 

His name has echoed throughout history, men and women have followed him throughout the centuries. He offers us healing and makes the invitation to walk with him today just as he did for so many during his life.

For us, Jesus is not just a famous guru, charismatic speechmaker, or a person with a new idea. 

He is our teacher and he offers the path to eternal life. He can fill our emptiness, give light to meaninglessness, peace to our inner life, and above all trust, acceptance and love to our relationships

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