TodayEvery story has a beginning, middle and an end.

Today, we live with profound sorrow and heartache for the abuse we know has taken place and the past mishandling of these abuses.

We believe that “God is closest to the broken hearted” (Ps 34:18) and this is most true for children whose trust was shattered.

“I am deeply sorry this has happened. It is completely contrary to Christ's teachings and I feel too the shock and shame across the community at these revelations of wrong doing and crimes.”

Cardinal Pell

The Gospel of John tells the story of Jesus meeting a woman beside a well. Jesus was a Jew and as such would not normally mingle with Samaritans. He takes time to sit with this woman so that she may know the well that springs eternal. 

We all have experienced at one time or another the moment of standing beside the well with an empty bucket hoping to find the true fulfillment of our heart that illuminates our life. Jesus continues to accompany us today so that we may encounter this ‘living water’. Only Jesus knows the depth of our heart and can reveal the truth about ourselves. 

We renew our commitment to live as Disciples of Christ, to live with profound hope and joy for the future. We live in the day, grounded in the hope of eternal life. 

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