We live LIFE

“The most basic instinct of all living things is to stay alive, to grow, to flourish, and to pass on the gift of life to others. So it is only natural that we should ask how best to do this.”

Benedict XVI, Sydney 2008 

Some see the Catholic Church as a religion based on very prescriptive rules. Often we might know a particular ‘rule’ without understanding why or what this is based on. At times Catholicism has been taught in bland ways and we have undervalued the opportunity to share in a more full understanding of our faith.

Rules in the Catholic Church are underpinned by truth about our human nature and who we really are. Far from being irrelevant, they expose the powerful natural order that empowers our ability to live life to the full. The 10 commandments, for example are foundational to all humans.

The commandments teach us how to live in harmony with God and in relationships with others. They protect us from having our basic human rights stripped away and empower us to promote respect and dignity. They give us a compass and a firm direction with which to uphold a free and just society. 

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